Test Page for demonstrating Chord Pages generated using Chordsearch for Windows v.1.05

  • Brief Chord Directory of Chord Pages generated by Chordsearch
  • Samples of various styles of chord pages as generated by Chordsearch
  • Beginners basic Chord list as generated by Chordsearch utilising ScratchPad.
  • Note: The Chord Pages listed above may now not work with your browser as a consequence of Java Security issues noted below. By default your web browser and / or operating system may not allow execution of java classes unless a specific exception to run is set-up.

    Java security issues

    2013 update

    Recently there have been some security issues with the Java platform. If you intend using the (java) ChordSearch_App.class - ensure that your Java platform is up to date. If you do not intend publishing chords on the web, the facility to save (to html format) and retrieve chord pages on its own is a useful feature which can be used without java being installed on your PC.

    Nowadays due to these security issues it is unlikely that the supplied java applet will run unless you specify the address containing the web page in the exception site list. This can be accessed via Control Panel. Search for Java and click to launch the Java Control Panel and click on the Security Tab and edit the Exception Site List, to include the appropriate html web page.

    If you are testing on your local machine, then a typical entry for the exception list would be:


    For a website:


    Java Security Flaws - The Register 30 Jan 2013

    Latest java update available at www.java.com

    September 2015 update

    Chrome no longer supports NPAPI (technology required for Java applets)

    Google's Chrome version 45 (released in September 2015) dropped support for NPAPI, impacting plugins for Silverlight, Java, Facebook Video and other similar NPAPI based plugins.

    Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are currently alternatives.

    Going forward we are likely to update Chordsearch so that web pages can be displayed using an alternative program implementation to java. This will be a free update for registered users of Chordsearch.