Avrella Problem Report 309

Title: Delete rest - no Invalidation for instance in which Auto Format switched off

Priority: 4   Version detected: 1.01   Version fixed: 1.03  

Problem Description :  


Problem description:
Delete rest - no Invalidation for instance in which Auto Format switched off.

1. Open SilentNight.avrella
2. Set Auto Format Off checkbox off via Menu: Tools -> General Page.
3. Ensure that the whole width of score not contained within document view - i.e. you'll have to scroll horizontally to see end of measure 3.
4. Select Next Page.
5. Move horizontal scroll bar so can see last measure for top system.
6. Cut 1/4 rest.

1/4 rest remains visible still. Although it has been deleted - appropriate section of screen has not been updated.

Workaround: Select Menu option View -> Refesh Display (Ctrl + D)
27-Oct-2006 Assigned.
27-Oct-2006 Investigated by David
This was tracked down to CAvrDoc::DoNtnCut()
For non Format case call to
rect = pView->InValMe(pCNtn, 0, 0, TRUE); to fetch Invalidate rect (though suppressing Inval) This also takes account of any scroll. Subsequent call to
else InValRgn(rect, TRUE); has TRUE param set to calc scroll offset (which has already been done in dummy call to pView->InValMe() - which was used just to fetch InVal region.
27-Oct-2006 Resolved by David

Fixed in version: 1.03
remove TRUE param (default FALSE)
else InValRgn(rect, /*TRUE*/);
27-Nov-2006 Verified by David

Verified for version: 1.03
27-Nov-2006 Closed by David



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