Avrella Problem Report 326

Title: Print / Print Preview not stopping at last measure.

Priority: 3   Version detected: 1.03   Version fixed: 1.04  

Problem Description :  


Problem description:
Print / Print Preview not stopping at last measure. For SilentNight.avrella and Prelude in C minor.avrella - print preview shows: pr326a.png and pr326b.png - staff lines beyond marked end of score. (This problem found during release testing and because there is a fairly easy workaround, left for fix for next release.)

1. Move to the last measure in the score.
2. Format -> Current Measure -> Bar Markings.
3. Untick "Set as last measure" checkbox and exit via OK.
4. Measures now shown to the end of the page.
5. Go to the next measure beyond the current measure which you wish to be the last measure.
6. Select Edit -> Delete Measure.
7. Hit the upper spin button to select the remaining blank measures and click OK to exit and delete the blank measures following the last measure that you want in the score.
14-Feb-2007 Assigned.
14-Feb-2007 Investigated by David
Ref: CAvrView::DrawStaff() - need to catch specifiically for GetPrintFlag() condition and determine if print pages are equivalent to last Doc / View page and if so set last_pg. Which at present can't be relied on as set from Doc / View perspective. Also similar check in OnDraw() to prevent beyond last measure drawing for Clef and Key Signatures etc.
14-Feb-2007 Resolved by David

Fixed in version: 1.04
Implemented relevant code plus new function CalcDocPageForThisPrtPage() to facilitate.
20-Aug-2007 Verified by David

Verified for version: 1.04
20-Aug-2007 Closed by David



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